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What is an adult cam site?
Unlike porn sites, adult cam sites connect models (or cam girls) looking to stream a live performance with an audience for a percentage of their earnings. How much of the models’ earnings are forfeited depends on the site but also varies according to viewer count, hours logged online, a person’s popularity on site, and more.

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How do adult cam sites work?
When you sign up for an adult cam site, one of the first things it’ll ask you is if you’d like to log on as a model or subscriber. Once you’ve selected your reason for joining, complete the membership application, and verify your identity via email, you’ll be able to start streaming.

Depending on the site, viewers will either be able to choose a monthly membership plan or purchase coins or tokens that can be redeemed for live stream access. Subscribers will notice that they have the option to “gift” or “tip” the models an amount of their choice, but keep in mind that the brand does profit off of these exchanges. In other words, the model won’t be receiving your full tip. So if you really want to show your gratitude, you’ll make it a habit of tipping after every show (and maybe even on days you’re just feeling nice).
And as for the models, in addition to receiving a percentage of tips, they’ll also cash-in on a percentage of the credits used to access their live stream. But it’s imperative that models remember to claim any tips or cash gifts received on their taxes. Otherwise, they’ll risk opening up a can of worm with the IRS. That said, if you’re a model looking to minimize your number of claims, you need to ask to be tipped using gift cards or sign up for a P.O. box and create an Amazon wishlist for viewers to purchase and ship items directly to you (without ever seeing your address). For more pro tips (and everything else you need to know about camming), check out our camming guide.

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